Potted Spruce Tree


Responsibly grown on our family-owned farm, this 3-foot Spruce Tree enriches your environment with its crisp, piney fragrance. A sustainable choice made simple.

  • Refreshing, Piney Aroma
  • Great for Limited Spaces
  • Easy to Maintain
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Locally-Grown Potted Spruce Tree

The Conscious Choice for Eco-Friendly Consumers
Designed with sustainability in mind, our 3-foot Spruce Tree infuses any setting with its invigorating, piney aroma. Harvested from our responsible family farm east of Edmonton, each tree embodies a lifestyle commitment to green living.

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The Ideal Fit for Any Environment
Well-suited for small apartments, charming balconies, or to add a touch of nature to your workplace, our Spruce Trees adapt to your needs. Their compact stature makes them versatile for multiple settings.

Invigoratingly Fragrant
Indulge in the crisp, piney scent that is unique to authentic Spruce Trees. Transform your space into a refreshing haven of natural aromas.

Minimal Care, Maximum Satisfaction
Constructed for the time-strapped eco-warrior, these trees thrive with little attention, allowing you more time to enjoy their beauty and scent.

Seamless Pick-Up or Delivery Arrangement
Upon placing your order, you’ll receive a prompt to schedule your pick-up or delivery day, streamlining the experience for your convenience. A $50 deposit will be collected at this stage, with complimentary farm pick-up or a $50 delivery fee as your options.

Make a Difference
Each purchase contributes to ethical farming and reinforces your commitment to environmental preservation. This is more than a tree—it’s an ethical choice for a greener future.

Care Instructions

Outdoor use:

  • choose a location away from any heat sources.
  • use only LED lights rated for outdoor use.
  • use only extension cords rated for outdoor use.
  • do not trim, prune or water
  • do not use flock, snow sprays or tinsel.

Inside use:

  • Choose a location away from any heat sources such as fireplaces or heat registers.
  • Place the tree and container in/on a waterproof container/surface.
  • Use only LED lights rated for indoor use.
  • Do not prune, trim nor feed it any type of fertilizer or plant food.
  • Water the tree every day using 1 tray of ice cubes or 1 cup of water.
  • Do not use flock, snow sprays or tinsel.

Note: Please visit our FAQ page for more information on care instructions before finalizing your purchase.

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