About Us

Our company philosophy has always reflected our commitment to environmentally sound business practices. It was this commitment that spurred the birth of Farlinger Farms and the idea of growing coniferous evergreens in portable containers. Young pine and spruce are cultivated in containers and lovingly nurtured throughout the growing season. Because they are portable, they can eventually be moved around and placed in preferred areas to accentuate yards, gardens and other spaces.

The evergreens have been growing since 2015, but we all know full-sized trees don’t grow overnight (it actually takes 10 – 12 years to grow a tree). The average height of our trees is around 3 feet (shy of 1 metre) from the base of the container to tip of the tree. While our trees may not be ready to replace your main tree, they are a great option for smaller spaces, outdoor displays, businesses, and anywhere you want to enjoy the festive aroma of a living tree.

Renting living Christmas trees is an environmentally friendly way to celebrate the holidays. 

Rupert, our resident farm dog, mouse-hunter, and tree-inspector.


The Christmas Tree Industry

Around 40 million Christmas trees are cut every year in North America, of that number between 3 and 6 million are cut from Canadian Christmas tree farms and native pine and fir stands annually. With the Christmas Tree shortages we’ve seen in Canada over the last few years and an increase in tree exporting, we’ve seen prices skyrocket.

After the festivities, dead Christmas trees can be recycled and used for things like animal habitats but, unfortunately, the majority of trees end up in landfills with no continued purpose.

Rental trees offer a solution for both issues: supply and sustainability. Our trees can be used year after year and when they grow too large to be enjoyed as Christmas trees, they will be planted where they can continue to produce oxygen, contribute to the ecosystem and serve as wildlife habitat.

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