Potted Scotch Pine Tree


Ethically cultivated on our family farm, this 3-foot Scotch Pine Tree is the perfect eco-conscious choice for modern living.

  • Authentic, Earthy Scent
  • Ideal for Compact Spaces
  • Low-Maintenance Care
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Sustainable, Locally-Grown Potted Scotch Pine Tree

A Modern Choice for the Eco-Conscious
Tailored for the environmentally savvy consumer, our 3-foot Scotch Pine Tree effortlessly fills any space with its rich, natural aroma. Grown on our eco-friendly, family-owned farm east of Edmonton, this tree is more than a decorative piece—it’s a commitment to sustainable living.

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The Perfect Tree for Any Space
Whether you’re decorating a small apartment, sprucing up your patio, or adding a green touch to your office, our Scotch Pine Trees are perfectly sized to fit into compact areas. Their manageable size offers versatile placement options for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Authentically Aromatic
Experience the enchanting, balsamic scent that only a true Scotch Pine can offer. Each tree serves as a natural air freshener, infusing your space with woodland aromas.

Low-Maintenance, High Impact
Designed with modern, busy lives in mind, these resilient trees require minimal care. Enjoy their enduring beauty and soothing fragrance without the hassle.

Book Your Pick-Up or Delivery After Ordering
Once your order is placed, you’ll be prompted to book your preferred pick-up or delivery day, making the process seamless and convenient. A $50 deposit will be required at this stage, with free farm pick-up or a $50 delivery fee as your options.

Make a Positive Impact
Your purchase supports ethical farming practices, furthering the cause for a greener, healthier planet. This is not just a tree, but an investment in a more sustainable future.

Care Instructions

Outdoor use:

  • choose a location away from any heat sources.
  • use only LED lights rated for outdoor use.
  • use only extension cords rated for outdoor use.
  • do not trim, prune or water
  • do not use flock, snow sprays or tinsel.

Inside use:

  • Choose a location away from any heat sources such as fireplaces or heat registers.
  • Place the tree and container in/on a waterproof container/surface.
  • Use only LED lights rated for indoor use.
  • Do not prune, trim nor feed it any type of fertilizer or plant food.
  • Water the tree every day using 1 tray of ice cubes or 1 cup of water.
  • Do not use flock, snow sprays or tinsel.

Note: For additional details and care guidelines, be sure to visit our FAQ page before completing your purchase.

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